I vowed when it became the new year I would branch my blog more out into not only fashion but more lifestyle posts, and so far I've done about 3 and it's April. So considering this and all the cute bits I've been picking up lately I have decided to a post on my quirky room pieces, I am a very messy person so I thought if I made my room look nicer maybe I'll look after it better! 

I've been on the look out for some jars for ages, and found some on the Dunelm website, went to the shop to get some and there wasn't any, and for some strange reason I ended up in Asda and found the jars in the picture for £1 I couldn't believe it, they're glass and look so lovely, I put my candles and cotton wool in two and had one left so I decided to fill it with mints, this will probably end bad and by the time this post has gone live there will be none left, but they're so cute! Next is the cute milk bottle if you follow me on youtube you'll know that I bought this milk bottle after seeing them in a restaurant, also £1 I had no idea what I wanted it before so I just put some pretty fake flowers in, and they're a great touch to my room. Next is my gorgeous little pot with a plate for my make-up brushes, although it is supposed to be a candle holder I think it makes a much better pot for my brushes don't you? Finally is my gorgeous Muji draws and when I get a chance to go to Birmingham again I shall be getting more of these as they are amazing for storage, I use it to store my blushes and powders at the mo! I have big draws for the rest of my make-up but they're not as pretty! 

What quirky bits and pieces do you use for storage?