Many people aren't even aware that Primark sell make-up, we all know Primark for their cheap clothes but who actually knew that Primark sold make-up? I found about their make-up a few months ago I was only aware of the brushes and the eyeliners after making a mad dash for an eyeliner after forgetting my make-up on a weekend away. Recently I took a trip to Primark in hope of some new t-shirts and found their huge make-up collection including around 10 different lipsticks, eyeshadows and nail varnishes all for a £1, this sounds similar to another beauty company to me, MUA. Who also have a range of products for just a pound, so are Primark any good for make-up? I bought myself a lipstick and nail varnish to test this out. 

Lipstick- Their lipstick looks very vibrant here, the sort of colour I'd usually go for when swatched on my hand it also looked bright, but when applied to my lips I was slightly disappointed the colour was very faint, I tried reapplying several times but it made no difference. I can't really be too disappointed considering I only paid one pound. I may try a darker colour from the range, but I'm not too sure on this, it seems like the sort of lipstick you'd give a child to play with.
Nail Varnish- This on the other hand was amazing, It applied bright with just one coat, after applying 3 and a top coat the nail varnish is still solid on my nails and looks great, I've been wearing it for 3 days and it hasn't chipped yet, I would definitely buy more of these as they are very bright, perfect for those spring days. Once again amazing quality for £1. 

So as far as Primark make-up goes I am a bit unsure as the lipsticks aren't too good quality but the nail varnish is top quality! There's only one way to make a decision on this, you got it? Buy more