It's been so long since my last Sunday Summary, boo! I never seem to have enough pictures to use in one so this week I decided I would make sure I had lots to choose from, so what have I done this week to be honest not a lot as I was ill with stomach pains for the majority of the week but I finally started to feel better on Thursday and went to Hanley shopping on Friday so that's where most of the pictures are from, the first is me with one of my best friends Jess, then the hair products you can WIN here then there's me with my new "friend" how cute is he? I was pulling my best duck face and I don't know why I decided to edit the hat on, weird much? And finally my bloggers hand after sampling some Primark make-up new post on that later on in the week! Hope you've all had a fab week and I can't believe it's April on Tuesday! 

Blogs I've Been Loving:
Goals for this week:
Pull a successful prank on someone (april fools) & get dieting!