I can't believe it, February has been and gone again already! I am a few days late with this post, but I am going to share with you my favorite product of the month. I am aware I have done it again, picked another product from the USA. The pocketbac, in other words hand sanitizer but look how cute these ones are, and the best thing is they smell gorgeous too! But I do have some good news you can buy them in the UK from amazon, they are little more pricey than they are in the States, but definitely worth investing! If you are from the states I'm sure you are well aware of these things and bought many of them yourself, I have also heard a lot of bloggers talking about them visiting Florida this year and when you do take yourself to bath and body works! Else you'll regret it. I am pretty much applying hand sanitizer every 10 minutes and I do get strange looks from customers, like what is that? I do promise next month I shall be picking an English based product so it is a lot easier for you lovelies to get your hands on, and I am thinking I shall do an American Based giveaway in September after I've been to the USA so you can get your hands on some of these cuties too!