This is a new feature on my blog and it may totally fail and be boring to you guys, but as this is my last year of being a teenager- I can't believe it! I decided I would share some of the things that have happened to me in my years of being a teenager, so you can laugh just like I am during writing them. Some of the stuff is tragic (in a funny way) where better to start than my first relationship. I was in year 8 when I got into my first relationship and it lasted around 2 months (this is a long time when you are 13) we met at school I didn't have a type back then as no guy had even looked in direction, the guy asked me out on MSN, very 2008. I said yes, and with this he was in my name with two hearts around and the same for him. Facebook wasn't big back then it was all about MSN, and with this our relationship was sealed. I spent nearly every lunch time watching him play football on the courts. He was terrible but he was my boyfriend so I thought he was amazing, I've got to admit watching the boys of my year play football for 50 minutes wasn't the highlight of my school years. But at the time I felt cool, so lame. We would meet up in the park by his house and just walk around, talk and once again watch him play football with his friends. This continued for 2 months until he dumped me for this other girl my year, I was distraught at the time, you try telling a 13 year old girl that it'll get easier, they don't believe you. My MSN name was restored to my friends again. I cried for about a week straight, thinking it was never going to get easier, if only I could go back and tell myself how silly I was being. It turns out, this guy turned out to be my best friend throughout high school and was always there when I needed him, we always had a good laugh at how he was my first boyfriend. Although we are no longer in contact, I'll always remember him as my first "boyfriend".