I saw this post on Beths blog and I decided I would make my own version on photoshop! I do own all of the products in the picture, I just fancied a change from taking pictures and decided to edit one instead!

The products in this post are:
Eyes lips face Matte Lipstick 
Maybelline Rocket Volume Mascara
Barry M Nail Varnish 
Benefit Porefessional
Lady Gaga Fame Perfume
Collection Pressed Powder

All of the products in the picture above have been used only once or a few times which is shocking considering how many there is in the picture! Firstly I haven't used the E.L.F lipstick much because I own so many bright and bold ones and this is more of a plain pink shade, nothing to do with the lipstick itself! The Rocket Mascara, is simply the fact it doesn't make my lashes as big as I like them to be, I have to use 3 or 4 mascaras on top to make it work at all! Barry M Nail Paint, all of the shades I own are pastel colours which aren't suitable for this time of year, so they will come into use more than just on my toes around spring! Benefit porefessional, I've found a better product on the similar lines it's a lot cheaper and I actually feel works a lot better so this one has been sidelined a little, do need to use it once my other runs out! Lady Gaga Fame, I do own so many perfumes and I really need to use this one more it smells so gorgeous and I love it, but with all of the new perfumes I keep getting and the samples from my advent calender I pretty much forget about this one! Collection pressed powder for some reason I have three of these, but they all seem to be unused, I am not sure why this is but I used one the other day and it is really good, so I need to start using it and get through all of the pressed powder! Finally the apocalips, I own two of these I do love both the of the colours but I've found that it doesn't really stay on my lips and with so many other products that I have it just doesn't seem worth it!