It's a new year, and we all know what the means, resolutions which last about three weeks at most and I know this for a fact, every year I set myself the same resolutions to loose weight and exercise and within three weeks, I find myself back to the cake and catching the bus, you start the year with this whole "new" mind set, thinking yes it's a new year I'll definitely stick to them this year, and there's a reason why we don't, we set ourselves too big resolutions and that's why we always fail! So this year I've done something a little different and decided to keep them a bit smaller and break it down rather than just loose weight, it'll be cut out the sweets almost everyday and eventually I hope to of cut back completely. Same with the exercise, walk if I can but getting the bus every now and again doesn't mean I've failed. I have decided to set myself some blogging goals for 2014. I am setting myself the biggest challenge and I asking for a lot but when I was sat thinking of how many followers I'd ideally like to achieve by the end of the year and the honest answer is 1000, and some of you may think that's not possible and it might not be, but I can hope that my blog is good enough to reach that number 12 months, do you think I can do it? Second blogging goal is to do a lot more reviews of products I received so many products at Christmas and I've also ordered a home photo studio to take pictures for days like this *it's raining outside* also considering I am hardly at home when there is any light it'll take me through to those summers days when the light is good again! Goal 3, I filmed a video in the beginning of December and I am yet to edit it, which is dreadful considering my University course features a big element on editing! But I will get my Youtube channel up and running and I will be vlogging as well as blogging in no time, and I hope people actually want to watch my videos- be prepared to laugh they are probably terrible! But I plan to have my first video this or that up by my 19th birthday in 12 days! My fourth goal will be to do an OFTD post, if you read my blog regularly you will know I have never featured my face or my body on my blog whatsoever and there is reason for this, I am incredibly body conscious and the though of taking a picture of me and putting out there for everyone to see makes me feel sick! But I hope this year will be the year when I take the plunge to do an outfit of the day post! My fifth and final goal is to just keep dungarees & donuts a blog which people enjoy reading and like coming back to every now and again to have a little read of my posts.

What do you think of my blogging goals, are they reachable?