The Tartan Dress- I've seen this everywhere lately, in all the mags, on the celebs and in all the shops. It's something i've noticed people love or hate, I actually really love it, I think it looks innocent and really cute I saw one in primark and loved, and went to show my mother who was like why on earth would you want to wear that, you had one when you were seven the exact same, it'll look silly. Then later dug out the picture with me wearing the tartan dress, and little more dorky, but still the same idea. But is my mother right is it a trend left to the children "school uniform" or can it be high end. In my opinion it's the way you wear it, and what you accessorize it with.

I love the way it can be totally glamed up, with barely black tights and some "rocker" boots, I love that studs are still in, and it looks awesome. Like in the pictures, they all look sophisticated and cool, people expect the dresses to be worn with dolly shoes on a little girl, where as dark eye make-up, big black boots, a big statement necklace maybe some silver big bangles and even a bowler hat in my opnion totally dresses up the outfit. Another thing I love about the dress is how versatile it can be you could wear it out for a posh meal with friends or just for another day at uni, it's totally about the way you wear it, and how you style yourself it can make so many great outfits out of the one dress!

So the tartan dress?
Yay or nay, i'd love to know what you think- also what you think of this post I haven't done a post like this on my blog before, would love your opinions lovelies!