Wednesday, 24 May 2017

3 of the best workplace fundraising ideas

When it comes to raising money for charity, the more people involved, the more cash you’ll collect. So, what better place to do your bit for a good cause than the workplace? It’s likely there are plenty of people where you work that would be willing to put their hand in their pocket in the name of charity.

Once you’ve raised your money, there are a number of ways you can get the cash to your chosen charity. A lot of organisations, such as Human Appeal, offer you the chance to make monetary contributions online. This is one of the quickest, easiest and safest ways to ensure the money you’ve raised gets to those who need it most.

For three ideas for your next fundraising event, keep reading.

1. Cake sale
Why not challenge your workmates to a Great British Bake Off-style cake sale? Encourage as many people as possible to create their own confectionary masterpiece at home, then invite those taking part to bring them into work to be put to the taste test. Charge your colleagues per slice and get them to give a mark out of 10 for each cake they try. At the end of the day, you’ll not only have a reigning cake baking champion, but you will have raised some cash for a good cause too.

2. Sponsored silence
Especially in an office environment, it can be easy for the noise levels to get out of control. So, to make everyone quieten down for a good cause, you could put your chatty colleagues to the test and schedule a sponsored silence. You might think that remaining silent will be relatively easy at first, but getting through a whole day of work without saying a peep can be quite the challenge for a lot of people.

3. Raffle draw
You can’t go wrong with a classic raffle draw, so why not organise your own at work? Firstly, you’ll need some raffle tickets to hand out in exchange for a donation, and you’ll also need to decide on your prizes. The more desirable the prizes on offer, the more money you’re likely to raise, so think carefully about what you’re going to put up for grabs. You could try to get the prizes donated, or you could persuade your boss to cough up in the name of charity. Also, when you’re selling your tickets, encourage people to buy a strip rather than a single ticket. Not only will you raise more cash, but your colleagues will have a better chance of winning.

Regardless of how you go about it, there’s no reason why you and your work friends can’t have fun while doing your bit for charity.

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Monday, 15 May 2017

Tips For Getting Festival Ready!

Happy Wednesday all, how are we all doin'? I'm sat in the sun writing this post and as it's ALMOST summer now and the festivals are starting to commence I thought I would share with you some tips for getting ready for the festivals. I am a huge fan of festivals and kinda gutted I am not going to one this year. There are some seriously amazing lineups like, EMINEM at Leeds omfg! As well an amazing all round line up at Download. Plus Bestival sounds awesome, I am gonna make that happen one year!

Pack light:
For festivals you often think it's a great idea to bring everything including the kitchen sink, but it actually works well if you pack lighter and preferably a bag on your back. Never take things to festivals which you care about as it's possible they met get stolen if not could possibly get wet or COVERED in mud. Oops. Take minimal clothing and only the essentials.

Plan your travel:
Getting to a festival can be a pain, if you live nowhere near you are lugging a hella load of stuff across the country. You can get trains and often busses from cities to festivals from certain places which is always handy. As well as this SMC Coach Hire are a company with coaches and mini busses available for hire, so if you are heading there in a big group or know a fair few people who want to chip in and split the costs together it can be awesome way to get there, easily.

Stand out: 
With festivals if you lose someone/something it is pretty much impossible to locate again so make yourselves stand out. Get a BRIGHT tent (Go Outdoors have a great guide for finding the best one for your festival needs.) and find someone all of the people you are with can wear. Whether that be bright hair, carrying inflatables, wear fancy dress or something else fun, make yourselves stand out.

If you can't hack the camping: 
If you're not one for camping but still want to go to the festival getting a hotel can work, going back and forth each day. It can work out more expensive but if you're not one for dirt and sleeping in a tent this can work just as well. Cairn Hotel Group offer amazing choices of hotels across the UK perfect for those who fancy a bit of luxury during a festival.

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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

5 Effortless Ways to Make Money From Your Blog

Whether you’re a full-time blogger or occasional scribbler, there’s money to be made via your site. The following five ways — from reseller hosting to sponsored posts — are simple ways to do exactly that.

The digital age has given birth to an abundance of online and tech-based careers and hobbies; blogging being one of the most prominent. What was previously an online journal of sorts has now developed into a creative platform to reach out to the masses — and many have found it to be a lucrative career path. So how does one make money from a blog?

Let’s take a look at five ways that many bloggers make money from their blog on a daily basis, none of which require a tonne of effort or computer whizkid abilities.

1. Sponsored Posts

To you, a blog may just be your little corner of the internet for posts about your hobbies and interests — and the occasional rant, of course. But in regards to business, a blog can be an incredibly valuable marketing tool, allowing companies to connect with their customers and establish themselves further as a brand.

And while most companies have — or rather should have — a blog these days, reaching out to bloggers in their chosen niche with the hopes of publishing a post on their site can be very beneficial. It’s something that you, as a blogger, should be using to your advantage. There’s money to be made from sponsored posts and the effort involved is minimal.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another way bloggers can capitalise on a company’s interest in your site. Signing up to an affiliate marketing scheme will give you a unique link, as well some marketing media (usually images and banners) to put on your blog. Your readers see the images, think “I need that product or service” and click on it. Once a sale is complete, you get a percentage. It’s as simple as that.

Your blog will undoubtedly have a theme or ‘niche’ in regards to topics and branding. This means you’ll attract visitors with interest in the topics you write about, so it makes sense to affiliate yourself with companies in the same industry as that particular niche.

You also have to consider that many of your visitors will be bloggers themselves (after all, bloggers love blogs), so it’s beneficial to become an affiliate of a company providing services that every blogger requires, such as web hosting.  

3. Selling a Service

For some people, a blog is just one part of their website, while the remaining pages are dedicated to advertising their creative abilities. The arrival of the internet has provided creative-minded people in areas of work such as graphic design, writing and illustration with the ideal platform to sell a service.

If you have an in-depth knowledge or aptitude for a particular skillset and think it’s something that will be a valuable asset to businesses, your blog is the perfect place to advertise said skills. The current generation has more creative types than you can shake a stick at, so taking the time to design a professional and unique site will be essential to stand out.

4. Reseller Hosting Packages

As a blogger and website owner, you’ll be aware of web hosting (VPS hosting, dedicated servers, cloud hosting); the service that provides you with web space and bandwidth to host your site and provide visitors with delightful content. But, did you know that website hosting companies also offer a service called reseller hosting?

By purchasing reseller hosting packages, you become what is essentially the middle-man between a web hosting company and your clients. If you’re starting to think this is all sounding a bit technical and much like hard work, you’d be wrong. You will be selling the company’s service, meaning they will be in charge of the technical aspects, such as maintenance. Your only real task will be to be a super-savvy salesman.  

5. Advertising Space

Advertising space is in no way a new concept, but the digital age’s version of it comes in the form of small adverts on the header, footer and sidebars of your website. This space will often be filled with various widgets improve the aesthetic of your site, but to businesses, it can be very valuable for advertising.

Blogging has transformed from a relatively unique activity to a fully-fledged phenomenon of the modern era. Thousands of blog posts are written on a daily basis, published on the millions and millions of blogs that currently exist, all of which contain advertising space. These areas on your site could be valuable to the right businesses. Finding those in your niche or industry who could benefit most will make it an easier sales pitch.

Whether you write a blog for fun or as a profession, it’s something that requires a bit of startup money for serious blogging (web hosting and domain registration fees). So now that you’ve invested some money into your blog, why not use it to make some money, too? Joining an affiliate scheme, purchasing a reseller hosting package, or accepting sponsored posts are just a few of the ways to make some extra cash without working your fingers to the bone.

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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

5 Creative Ways to Use Jewellery

Creative Ways to Use Jewellery

I am an avid fan of Jewellery. The right piece can change your outfit completely, stylise your face, or even highlight your eyes. And the best part about Jewellery is that, contrary to most belief, it almost never has one exclusive use!

Here are some easy, creative ways to use jewellery, or give a new life to some broken or old ones.

1. Use your Jewellery on your hair 
Using Jewellery to glam up your hair-do is not only for brides. It is very easy to do at home to accessorise low buns, pin up hair do’s, or even just a half-up half-down style. All you have to do is select a necklace (pendant ones with some small sparkle detail usually work best but any will do), find some bobby pins, and use a mirror to help yourself out. First style your hair in the desired way. Then take the necklace and place it over the bun, or where your hair divides if you’ve chosen a half-up half-down. Making sure to hide the beginning and the end of the necklace by pinning them under some hair, pin the necklace securely horizontally. Make sure that, although secure, it is a bit loose so as not to put too much tension on the necklace.

You can also use rings, or small hoops, to decorate your braid by stringing through a strand of hair as you braid. The tightness of the hair-do will make sure the rings are secure without needing to pin them.

2. Accessorise a belt, or bag!
Use old brooches, pins, or chunky brooch style earrings. If the pin or hold is broken, it may be even better. Wether it is a belt or a handbag, take the jewellery pieces and play around until you find the desired arrangement. Then you may begin to attach the jewels to the accessory. If you want it to be permanent, first use a glue gun to attach the jewellery piece then sew it on to make sure it won’t fall out. If you just want to spice up a belt or bag for a day, then you will have to pin the pieces or use the holes in the belt to loop string through.

3. Earrings reborn
Using a pair or flat-nose pliers, remove the earring wire completely, but making sure to leave the small ring that attaches the wire and the jewellery piece together. Then, take a thin silver chain, or any other small chain that can fit through the small ring, and loop through. You can make the chain yourself but I find that buying ones already aimed at necklaces is the easiest way to create this piece as the necklace clasp will already be set for you. Big earring pieces will give you the best results, in my opinion, because you can make slightly low hanging necklaces that will really spice an outfit up. However, you can also use smaller earrings for cute detailed necklaces.

4. Wall art 
Almost any jewellery piece can be framed to create wall art. The best examples include butterfly brooch collections themed in a “scientific display” style, or different jewellery pieces arranged to create a picture. However,  the most simple ways is to frame a pendant. Especially fun for children rooms, take a pendant of your choice (name initials are always a hit) and frame them against a striking background. Such as hot pink or lime green paper, sparkles are a welcomed choice.

5. Home Made Chokers
Select a ribbon of your width, and colour of choice. Cut the length of the ribbon to allow for you to bow tie it slightly loosely round your neck. Select a brooch, earring, or pin that you want to use. Remove any wires or pins attached to them as you need only the jewellery piece. To ensure the piece doesn’t fall off, first use a glue gun to attach it to the ribbon, then sew it were possible. The more vintage the jewellery piece looks, the better the choker will look. Velvet ribbons are always a good choice if you’re going for a modern look, and smaller pieces of jewellery will work just as well.

Written by Max Lami

*Guest post

What to Grow: Fruit and Vegetables in the UK

For many people in the UK, to grow your own vegetables seems like a daunting task that will take up too much time and energy; with long hours spent in the garden after the novelty of growing your own produce has worn off – many people simply give up. However, help is now at hand! With the help of Suttons and Dobies, both premium seeds retailer, we can provide you with the best fruit and veg to grow in your own garden, and how you can incorporate them into some fresh, healthy meals.

Spring Onions and Radishes

These two vegetables can be grown either in a pot in the garden, or you can sow them straight into the ground as we lead into the warmer summer weather. Both are ideal within a fresh, flavorsome salad; the spring onion provides a sharp, sweet crunch – whereas the radish can add a natural pepperiness to the dish. Ideally, these vegetables grow in plenty of sunlight, so wait until the end of spring before you start planting your seeds.


This a great vegetable that you can grow during spring. Potatoes are the staple of most dishes, and go great with a lean steak or as a jacket with tuna. The growing process is also fun: plant your seeds in a potato bag and as the green shoots start to sprout, cover them again with compost. Keep doing this until your potato bag is full, and then you can start watering them. Wait around 10 to 20 weeks until the foliage begins to go yellow, and then tip your bag upside down to see all of the potatoes that you’ve managed to grow!


The blackberry is an old-time British classic that is incredibly simple to grow in your garden, and they go perfect with overnight breakfast porridge. To make this sweet but nutritional breakfast, take rolled oats and pour either coconut soy milk or usual soy milk over the top of them (only enough to soak them). Mix your blackberries in and then leave it overnight to chill in the fridge. When you take it out in the morning, it’ll be a creamy texture perfect for a fresh spring day. To grow them, take the plant and train the stem into wires so that they are easier to harvest when they fruit. They can grow anywhere in the garden as they don’t need a lot of light or attention. If you don’t want to deal with thorns, then use a variety such as the Apache.


Peas are a hassle-free vegetable to grow, that sprout well in cooler weather, so springtime beginning in March is always a good time to start growing them. Remember, once you’ve planted the seeds, the peas need support from the stems; use either chicken wire or other netting between supports at the end of each row. Peas taste even better straight from the ground, and you can use them as part of a green vegetable medley – or alongside a lean meat to finish off a dish. The best thing about them is that the more you pick – the more they produce!

Goji Berries

Don’t let the exotic fruit fool you, these berries can grow perfectly fine in a British climate. They are surprisingly tough as a shrub and can grow in windy coastal areas, but make sure they’re exposed to plenty of sun as spring moves into the summer months. The fruit is extremely juicy and are rich in nutrients. Mix in a blender on a morning with other fruits and natural yogurt to make a superfood smoothie to help you face the day every day. Or alternatively, use the fruit as a topping for your morning cereal to give it an exotic twist.

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Friday, 5 May 2017

Tips For Getting Summer Ready!

Happy Friday all, how are we doing? I am kinda nervous and feeling a bit emotional as this weekend is my last shift at my part time job before I start a full time job next week! Excited for the change though and to finally get some structure into my life. By the time I put this post up I bet the sun has gone, however when I wrote the post it was sunny and hot, so that counts right! I thought I'd share with you some of my tips for getting summer ready as it's basically summer now and us Brits need to make the most of everyday in the sun.

1. Get your tan on!
For those of you going on holiday or just wanting a bit more of a tan (living in England isn't the best place to get that perfect summer glow) faking it is the way forward! I've never been one for tanning beds, but I love the idea of a little bit of a glow and tried fake tan in the past. I've tried a various range of tanning products, but I always find that St Tropez is the best. Ellisons offer a huge range of their products and just about everything you'll need to maintain it! 

2. Try new makeup looks
The summer is the perfect time to try out those bright eyeshadows and lipsticks you've been harbouring all year. Pinterest has SOME amazing inspiration for creating fun and outgoing looks, perfect for the summer! Hand me the orange and pink eyeshadows! 

3. Drink more water!
In the Summer I find it so much easier to drink more, whether it's because I am boiling hot and need to cool down or just like to have refreshing glasses of water with ice and lemon in. Summer seems to give me the motivation to drink more. Plus it totally gives you better skin, and who doesn't want that! 

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Saturday, 29 April 2017

Tips for dealing with Insomnia

I've always had a weird relationship with sleep. When I was a teenager I used to have the best sleeping pattern always sleeping early and waking up before 8am, I remember the one time I slept in until 10am and my whole family were shocked. Around two years ago it all changed my anxiety was keeping me up all night, and I just got stuck in a rut. I was sleeping at 5/6/7 in the morning or sometimes even later. I was trying to sleep all night and was just getting stressed out, so I tried to turn it into something that happens. I became the night owl, my friends would message me when I was getting up for work, and we'd laugh about the fact I'd still not been to sleep. It was the best way to cope with it for me, honestly though it's actually horrible not being able to sleep. Since i'm starting a new job in a couple of weeks which involves me needing to be up at a normal time, I decided I needed to try something to get to sleep. I thought I'd share with you all some tips to try if you too are insomnia sufferers.

Tip One: Better Sleeping Conditions
For me I found that having curtains which had light seeping through kept me awake at night, as I primarily slept when it was getting light, I found it harder. So I invested in some blackout curtains making it easier to sleep no matter the time. I also invested in a new bed, my old frame and mattress were one which my landlord supplied so I often felt uncomfortable when trying to sleep. 

Tip Two: Sleeping Aids
The Interdependent Pharmacy offer a small range of aids to take before sleeping including Nytol which includes an anti histamine which often makes you drowsy, making sleeping that little bit easier.  Nytol recommend creating a bedtime routine which works for you. Whether that includes getting a new comfy mattress and having a hot drinking alongside taking a sleeping aid such as Nytol.

Tip Three: Try Sleep At The Same Time
My problem always used to be going to sleep at a weird time in the morning and getting up in the early afternoon. I found it hard to get a pattern going, I try to get into bed at a regular time and even if I'm not sleeping, at least i'm laying in bed getting comfy. 

Tip Four: No Phones. 
I often didn't realise part of my issue was my phone, I would sit up on my phone all night and wonder why it was impossible to fall asleep. Your phone being lit up often makes your eyes stay awake as well the concentration which goes into using your phone. 

What are your tips for treating Insomnia? 

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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Pizza To Britain’s Last Wilderness!

Good afternoon you lovely lot, how are we all doing? Today I am bringing you a bit of a different post to my blog in collaboration with Chicago Town. If you don't know who they are let me give you a little bit of info. They are the UKs number 1 frozen pizza brand, pretty cool huh? I can hands down say those pizzas can taste as good as any takeaway. With stuffed crust and many toppings on offer as well as mini microwave pizzas on offer, there is something for everyone!

As part of their latest campaign they decided to deliver a freezer full of AMAZING pizza goodies to "Britian's Last Wilderness" who have never tasted the offerings of takeaway.  Watch the video below out find out what happened! Inverie in Western Scotland is described by experts as “Britain’s Last Wilderness”. It has just 120 residents and is officially home to the UK’s most remote public house, The Old Forge. The whole community is so small that it shares a single postcode, PH41 4PL. With this in mind the residents have never had anything half resembling a takeaway premises, which is no surprise, given that to reach the nearest takeaway it would take a minimum of 2 hours – travelling by boat and car.

Inverie resident Ian Robertson, aged 70, said: “We’ve heard all about takeaway food being delivered elsewhere in the UK, we’ve never actually been able to enjoy one ourselves because we’re so remote no-one would ever deliver here. You go Chicago Town!

To view my previous posts with Chicago Town click here

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Thursday, 20 April 2017

What I've Been Lovin' #4

Another month, another what I've been lovin' post! You lot loved last months so I decided I would do another post on what I've been lovin' lately! If you're new to my blog this post is basically me sharing everything what I've been loving with you over the last month, it seems to be one of my more popular posts so I decided to make it a regular feature. I hope you enjoy this months, let me know what you've been lovin' this month in the comments!

Last week I got my third tattoo and have now booked in my fourth, I am super in love with how all of them look and I can't wait to cover both of my arms in them. I've decided on a cutesy sleeve for one arm and a spooky one for the other. I got the first tattoo for the cute sleeve last week done by the lovely Emily AKA Flim Flam at Tattoos @ 58. I'm hoping she will be creating many cute pieces on my arm in the foreseeable future!

My blue hair:
I've finally got my hair a shade of blue that I love thanks to the lovely people at AJC93 and Crazy Colour. They have SO many amazing shades that I can't wait to try out, at the moment I've got Capri Blue on my hair! Two bottles covered my whole hair and I've got thick hair. Yay! From what I can tell so far, it seems to be lasting despite being temporary and me washing my hair a lot.

Home decor 
At the moment I am super in love with home decor, I plan on tidying out my office and turning it into a really cool room. I've been super interested in getting some really cool lightening in my office. LampCommerce offer some amazing styles of light which I love, including Artemide for their super cool and unique floor lamps and Metallux for their lovely roof lighting. As well as this I've been looking into alternative storage solutions which I would love to create some of to put in my office.

13 Reasons Why:
Every man and his dog has watched this, and if you haven't where on earth have you been? 13 Reasons Why is a season on Netflix, that was originally a book wrote by Jay Asher, and I read it years ago! When I saw it was on Netflix on Friday (apparently it had only been put on that day) I was straight on to it, and by the end of episode 1 I was hooked. 24 hours later I had watched all 13 episodes.

Not to give any spoilers or anything but it is basically about a girl who commits suicide and she leaves tapes with 13 reasons why. I would give a lil' trigger warning though, if you're triggered by issues around suicide and sexual abuse I would give this one a miss.

Learning To Drive: 
I've recently decided I need to pass my test, with a few failed tests under my belt and a passed theory test that is is quickly running out, I have decided I am on the look out for a new instructor. With Pass N Go they find the best prices for lessons in your area and then you can decide how many you need. I will only need a small block before I'm ready to do my test, perfect for a refresher. You can also buy essentials you need for passing your theory, like theory test books to learn all you need to know.

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