Thursday, 27 April 2017

Pizza To Britain’s Last Wilderness!

Good afternoon you lovely lot, how are we all doing? Today I am bringing you a bit of a different post to my blog in collaboration with Chicago Town. If you don't know who they are let me give you a little bit of info. They are the UKs number 1 frozen pizza brand, pretty cool huh? I can hands down say those pizzas can taste as good as any takeaway. With stuffed crust and many toppings on offer as well as mini microwave pizzas on offer, there is something for everyone!

As part of their latest campaign they decided to deliver a freezer full of AMAZING pizza goodies to "Britian's Last Wilderness" who have never tasted the offerings of takeaway.  Watch the video below out find out what happened! Inverie in Western Scotland is described by experts as “Britain’s Last Wilderness”. It has just 120 residents and is officially home to the UK’s most remote public house, The Old Forge. The whole community is so small that it shares a single postcode, PH41 4PL. With this in mind the residents have never had anything half resembling a takeaway premises, which is no surprise, given that to reach the nearest takeaway it would take a minimum of 2 hours – travelling by boat and car.

Inverie resident Ian Robertson, aged 70, said: “We’ve heard all about takeaway food being delivered elsewhere in the UK, we’ve never actually been able to enjoy one ourselves because we’re so remote no-one would ever deliver here. Chicago Town have said “We’re now going to ensure that deliveries of Chicago Town The Takeaway are made regularly to the community so that this first taste doesn’t have to be their last.” Which I think is pretty damn cool! You go Chicago Town. 

To view my previous posts with Chicago Town click here

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Thursday, 20 April 2017

What I've Been Lovin' #4

Another month, another what I've been lovin' post! You lot loved last months so I decided I would do another post on what I've been lovin' lately! If you're new to my blog this post is basically me sharing everything what I've been loving with you over the last month, it seems to be one of my more popular posts so I decided to make it a regular feature. I hope you enjoy this months, let me know what you've been lovin' this month in the comments!

Last week I got my third tattoo and have now booked in my fourth, I am super in love with how all of them look and I can't wait to cover both of my arms in them. I've decided on a cutesy sleeve for one arm and a spooky one for the other. I got the first tattoo for the cute sleeve last week done by the lovely Emily AKA Flim Flam at Tattoos @ 58. I'm hoping she will be creating many cute pieces on my arm in the foreseeable future!

My blue hair:
I've finally got my hair a shade of blue that I love thanks to the lovely people at AJC93 and Crazy Colour. They have SO many amazing shades that I can't wait to try out, at the moment I've got Capri Blue on my hair! Two bottles covered my whole hair and I've got thick hair. Yay! From what I can tell so far, it seems to be lasting despite being temporary and me washing my hair a lot.

Home decor 
At the moment I am super in love with home decor, I plan on tidying out my office and turning it into a really cool room. I've been super interested in getting some really cool lightening in my office. LampCommerce offer some amazing styles of light which I love, including Artemide for their super cool and unique floor lamps and Metallux for their lovely roof lighting. As well as this I've been looking into alternative storage solutions which I would love to create some of to put in my office.

13 Reasons Why:
Every man and his dog has watched this, and if you haven't where on earth have you been? 13 Reasons Why is a season on Netflix, that was originally a book wrote by Jay Asher, and I read it years ago! When I saw it was on Netflix on Friday (apparently it had only been put on that day) I was straight on to it, and by the end of episode 1 I was hooked. 24 hours later I had watched all 13 episodes.

Not to give any spoilers or anything but it is basically about a girl who commits suicide and she leaves tapes with 13 reasons why. I would give a lil' trigger warning though, if you're triggered by issues around suicide and sexual abuse I would give this one a miss.

Learning To Drive: 
I've recently decided I need to pass my test, with a few failed tests under my belt and a passed theory test that is is quickly running out, I have decided I am on the look out for a new instructor. With Pass N Go they find the best prices for lessons in your area and then you can decide how many you need. I will only need a small block before I'm ready to do my test, perfect for a refresher. You can also buy essentials you need for passing your theory, like theory test books to learn all you need to know.

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Monday, 17 April 2017

Life With PTSD.

I've felt like recently I've slightly lost who I am as a blogger, don't get me wrong I honestly love all of the new content I am putting out, but I am also kinda sad. Sad that I feel like I've lost talking about the things which are so important to me, like my mental health blog posts. So I'm bringing it back, I also bringing it back with a post which I've had a quarter written in my drafts for a pretty big length of time now. Life with PTSD.

So back in 2015 I was officially diagnosed with PTSD. It's a difficult one to deal with because a lot of people assume it is just for people who have been at war, but in fact it can come from any sort of trauma. Even when I was diagnosed I was confused, I went to google what was wrong with me and the first searches were all about being at war. I finally found something that related to me. 
"Related to an incident in which the person suffered a serious trauma." The words on the page rang true to me, I felt like someone finally got it. I started to read up on symptoms and things started to make sense, but even now I struggle to accept what I suffer with. I'm writing this post to reach out to all of those who are suffering too. You're not alone

The worst part about the illness to me is the flashbacks, I'll be laying in bed alone. I'll hear a noise and my whole body will shut down, it'll trigger my brain and give me the most scary flashback, and it takes minutes/hours and even days to feel okay again. I'll lash out to those closest to me, because I can't separate reality from the trauma. I'll feel an overwhelming urge to scream and cry. I want to be alone but also hate being alone. I feel scared that nobody is ever going to be able to love me whilst I'm suffering with this. I feel like I can never not be on alert, I can never walk around with both headphones in, I'll jump at the slightest noise, I'll be laying in bed and my brain will go into overdrive, i'll constantly be worried that I am upsetting someone, or that I'm a burden. It took me 6 months to stop asking my best friend daily, if he still wants to be friends with me. 

Along with my PTSD, there is the depression and the anxiety which pretty much fit hand in hand. I hate going out alone when it is dark, I panic I am constantly annoying. I spend days in bed. I constantly struggle with suicidal thoughts and with people it's never a long term thing, it's always a when, when are they going to leave, when are they going to give up on me. It's become something that is so normal to me now, it barely even phases me when somebody leaves my life. 

When I suffer a flashback and I am with another person I can often lash out, whether that be verbal or physical it's something that happens, which makes me feel horrible. I feel like the worst person in the world. It's like watching the whole thing through somebody elses eyes and I can't stop them doing it. My temper is awful and I wish I knew how to control it. I've been having EMDR therapy to help me deal with my trauma and it actually gives me some sort of escape from what I'm dealing with, although it is tiring and hard as hell, I'm happy I finally have found some sort of therapy which seems to offer me some sort of cure. 

I am me, I am not my PTSD. I am a survivor!

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Tips For Student Living + Giveaway

Happy Saturday all, I hope you're enjoying the bank holiday weekend! As most of you who read my blog regularly are aware I have recently just finished my degree, and was at university for over 4 years (weird course length) during that time there were many things I learnt and I think I grew up a lot during my time, from a little first year to I guess now a graduate. These tips are just things which I think are useful and if I were a student again I would follow. Also stay tuned to the end of the post to be in with the chance of winning £100!

Tip One- Make Your Account A Student One!
Student accounts give you a 0% overdraft which is always useful for when those pesky bills sneak up on you, it also gives you chance when you're a graduate to pay back your overdraft over an arranged amount of time. Just make sure you make your overdraft a reasonable amount.

Tip Two- Budget Your Money. 
When your student loan drops at the start of term the overwhelming urge to spend it all overtakes, fair enough treat yourself, pay your rent and then work out what you've got left to budget for the next few months. There is no point in living in luxury for a month and then having £100 to last 3!

Tip Three- Supplement Your Student Loan! 
Getting a job at university was one of the best things I did, it helped me be able to have some kinda life alongside my studies and not feeling guilty for spending the money I have earned at work. Supermarkets are pretty flexible with students.

Competition time: 
So the guys at Unifood Direct are offering 5 of my readers the chance to win £100 each as well as 50% off their first box with Unifood. If you don't know about Unifood Direct they are a monthly subscription box who offer an amazing box of food for £28 with 20-25 food items in each box from brands we all know and love. To be in with a chance of winning follow the rafflecopter below and be sure to check out the T&Cs.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

T&Cs as stated by Unifood. 

  • Entries made must be made by a student, parent of a student or someone who has affiliations with someone at University.

  • Each individual must sign-up to the Unifood Direct site to be entered into the competition.

  • Only one entry may be made for household.

  • The prize money of £100 and 50% discount code is given out after verification of signup to the Unifood Direct site.

  • If you are chosen as a winner you must provide a valid email address or an alternative way to be contacted within 10 days of being chosen.

  • If sufficient effort has been made to contact winner with no reply, the prize money and discount code will be annulled.

  • Each discount code can only be used by used by the person it is granted to a maximum of one times.

  • This competition will run for a duration of three weeks, any entries made after this will not be counted.


Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Shop My Style #8 Sunglasses Edition.

It's back, it's been a long time in the making but it's back. I promised it would happen soon and it has! Shop My Style has been brought back, with a little twist I will be styling these outfits around sunglasses from Smart Buy Glasses and showing you how they can really finish off a look. I have also decided that for these posts two outfits just isn't enough so I will be sharing three with you. As you know I have a pretty alternative sense of style but I aiming to make these outfits as Spring/Summer as possible with of course keeping it me! If you missed my last few shop my style posts feel free to check out 5, 6 and 7.

The Aviator- The Fun Look.

Kate Spade Sunglasses are from Smart Buy Glasses
Skirt is from Topshop 
Tee is from Pulp  
Shoes are from Converse!

The Oversized- The Rock Look. 

The Michael Kors Sunglasses are from Smart Buy Glasses
Dress is from Attitude Clothing 
Bag is also from Attitude Clothing
Shoes are from Doc Martens
Choker is from Swarvoski 

The Wayfarer- The Cool Casual Look

Trousers are from Boohoo
The Rayban sunglasses are from Smart Buy Glasses 
Hat is from Topshop
Tee is from Boohoo
Shoes are from Kurt Geiger 

Which is your fave look?

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Monday, 10 April 2017

5 Ways To Enjoy Coffee!

Happy Monday, I hope your week is off to a good start so far! Today I am bringing you a bit of a different post due it being Coffee Week! If you aren't aware of Coffee Week you're not the only one, I am only aware due to a super interesting press release that fell into my inbox last week courtesy of Kahlua who I will be talking about more in a minute, however let me just talk to you about the amazing cause of Coffee Week. The idea behind it is to give clean water to communities in which help to grow coffee. Donations from last years Coffee Week went towards some amazing projects and the same will be happening this year! So in aid of this I decided to bring a post about 5 different ways to drink coffee, some more different than others!

1. Iced Coffee
A pretty big trend around the world, especially when summer Strikes. I am a huge fan of drinking cold coffee whether it is over ice or in a delicious drink from Starbucks.  

2. Espresso Martini 
I told you we'd come back to Kahula, so the things you need to know. Kahula are encouraging people to drink amazing espresso martinis as part of coffee week, for a very good reason. As one of the main sponsors of coffee week they are donating 10p to every one bought in selected bars over national coffee which is pretty cool if you ask me! If you fancy giving it a go yourself you can also do that by purchasing some coffee liquor from Kahula, Absolut Vodka and also an espresso. and following the below step: 

Pour ingredients into a shaker filled with ice, shake and then strain in to a martini glass
3. In Cake 
There are so MANY amazing recipes out there for coffee cake, but I recently found an amazing Mary Berry one which sounds like it is to die for and is a perfect way to enjoy the flavour of coffee with a bit of a naughty treat. Find the recipe here

4. In A Smoothie!
When reading A Cozy Kitchen I found an amazing way to enjoy coffee in a slightly healthier way, and that way is in a smoothie. The best way to do this is to add your ingredients along with some cooled coffee and ta daaaaa, you have another awesome way to enjoy coffee! 

5. In A Coffee Float
An idea I would never of thought of without Buzzfeed, who suggest making a glass of cold coffee and then adding a large dollop of ice cream on top and you have your float. It sounds like a super fun and unique way to enjoy a coffee! 

What is your favourite way to drink coffee? 

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Friday, 7 April 2017

Tips For Spring Cleaning!

Happy Friday all, what are your plans for the weekend? Mine are to start a HUGE Spring clean of my house, because if I'm honest, I am living in a tip and can never find anything I need. After not being able to sleep the other night I found various videos on rearranging you room to feel better as well as Spring cleaning hacks. This inspired me to share my very own spring cleaning tips/hacks with you all, and hopefully give me that little bit of extra motivation to get started on my own house. I would love some of your tips in the comments too!

Tip One- Be Ruthless: 
Out of all of my tips this is the one I need to pay attention the MOST. I am awful when it comes throwing things out/donating them. I am one of those people who hold on to everything. Notes from friends in school, primary school drawings, even t-shirts which remind me of gigs I went to even though they no longer fit. I've recently noticed that all of the clothes in my wardrobe are still there and have been since I moved in because I wash and wear the stuff I actually wear on a weekly basis and put them in drawers. I need a massive clear out of clutter, including make up and clothes!

Tip Two- Break It Down:
When it comes to cleaning I never seem to realise the reason I burn out so quickly is because of how many things I set myself to do in a short amount of time. If I were to set myself a room per day, it may be more manageable and I may actually stick to it.

Tip Three- Plan In Advance:
If you're planning a big clean, it is worth planning it in advance, stock up on cleaning products, make sure you've got plenty of time to do so. If you clean with someone else it'll make it seem less like work and more like fun. I found an awesome 7 day spring cleaning list on Good Housekeeping!

Tip Four- Storage Is Key: 
Sometimes you don't realise how much room you can save by having great storage ideas. That includes under bed storage, big plastic tubs or even check out these cool ideas from Brightside they're pretty cool! Including magazine holders for hair stuff and egg cartons for jewellery holders!

What are your top tips for Spring cleaning? 


Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Tips For Getting Summer Ready.

The days are getting longer and it is finally getting warmer *touch wood* and with Summer being one of my favourite seasons I like to talk about it a lot, even though it's a little while off yet. I decided to share some of my tips for preparing for Summer as you lot seemed to enjoy my Spring Decor wishlist. These tips are just general tips for getting Summer ready so hopefully you enjoy them! Let me know what your top tip for getting Summer ready is in the comments below.

1. Start transitioning your wardrobe!
I like to wear similar clothes all year round, I tend to wear my summer dresses with leather jackets and leggings in the winter. As my style is pretty simple throughout this is something I do naturally, however if you are somebody who has different outfits per season, it's worth transitioning different pieces into your wardrobe to possibly add some colour and get more wear out of your clothes.

If you haven't already start saving for those summer days, whether you manage to save up £100s or just £40 for your ice cream fund for the summer, it's worth doing. I like to save up my spare change throughout the year in a giant coke bottle I purchased from The Range and it's super handy to save and you can't open it as it's sealed and would ruin the top.

3. Give your room a mini makeover!
It's worth preparing in advance for getting your room ready for Summer because who wants thick duvets and black out curtains, I love the bright summer mornings. Treat yourself to a new duvet and some fab blinds from Direct Blinds. If you start purchasing items to make your room more Summer ready now it's cheaper nearer the time. Also there are already some GORGEOUS duvet covers to choose from.

What are your tips for getting summer ready? 

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Monday, 3 April 2017

Alternative Bags Wishlist #2

I would consider my style pretty alternative, if it is black with rips and/or holes in I am definitely more inclined to buy it. The same goes with bags, I am forever on the look out for the coolest/weirdest bags out there. My go to sites are usually Dollskill or Skinny Dip with the occasional look at Betsey Johnson. The thing about shopping for my bags mostly from the States is that it is unlikely that anybody will have the same. I also LOVE colour when it comes to my bags, as my clothes are usually black. Last June I did a post on the alternative bags I am lusting after and it was super popular so I decided to do a part two. If you missed part one, be sure to check it out.

Sour Candy Bag is from Dollskill
Secretly Smashed Bag is from Skinny Dip
Lobster Bag is from Skinny Dip
Peaches Bag is from Betsey Johnson
Doodle Notebook Bag is from Dollskill

Which bag is your favourite? 
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